Dental Hygiene

Regular dental hygiene visits are essential to maintaining your oral health and keeping your smile as healthy as possible.

Dental Hygiene Stow-on-the-Wold

Most people require regular dental hygiene visits to maintain their oral and gum health, and to keep their smile as healthy as possible. If you have gum disease, we may need to see you more frequently, and we can offer dental plans to help you plan and spread the cost.

How it works

During your visit our clinician uses fine instruments or a special ultrasonic machine to remove the hard tartar from below in between your teeth. We will remove plaque, stains and polish your teeth thoroughly, and also give you advice and tips for perfecting your oral health routine.

Airflow treatment

Our AirFlow technology can remove any unsightly stains caused by smoking and food or drink, to help create a whiter smile. Our clinical team can perform this routinely to maintain a stain-free smile or in preparation for a teeth whitening procedure to ensure you get the optimal results.